This project is no longer maintained.


A free and Open Source Live Performance Tool

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Solid Live Performance Tool

Grid Launcher

There is the well known Grid Launcher, ready to record or load your Loops and perform your music.

Mixer Section

The versatile Mixer Sections allows you to use anything whats needed: A global Send for Reverb, Sidechaining and one independend FX Send per Track.

MIDI Controller Support

With extensive MIDI mapping support, you can get looping just how you like! If your Controller is not already supported, simply use MIDI learn or write your own Controller map.

Intended for Live Usage

While development we always have live usage in mind. We focus on real time processing without any crashes. Nothing should disturb the show!

File Icons

Become a part of the community!

Loopp is useful for you? You enjoy it or have idea how to improve? Do you want to help with testing, documentation or development? We are looking forward to get in touch with you! Create an issue on Gitlab. Join our discussion via Matrix or IRC.

Get Loopp now and make some music!

Your Distrubition

This is the best way to get a package. But currently Loopp does not get shipped with any distribution. If you are a packager and interested, let me know!

Build it on your own!

If there is no official package for your distribution, we recommend building Loopp on your own. Learning this also enables you to try the latest features and help developing. Its not hard, read here how to do it!

App Image

If your distribution does not provide a package and you don't want to build Loopp on your own, you can use one of the App Images provided. Get the latest release or the latest development build. Note: Do not use the development build in performences! It runs on any Linux, without installing any dependencies. Read here how to execute an App Image. Please note: App Images introduce additional CPU load and might reduce stability of Loopp!