1.3.0 Sunday, 3th November 2019


  • Auto Stop Record of Clips after a defined number of bars
  • Free Record Mode to set tempo with the first recorded loop


  • Improve BPM Dial to avoid jitter
  • Make tempo ramps possible again (without pitch correction)
  • Refactor some parts (LooperClip & AudioBuffer)
  • Add some Unit Tests


Because of the fork and the renamed application, the Jack Client has another name. If you have configured Jack connections and can't or don't want to change them, please run Loopp in legacy mode, with loopp --legacy or loopp -l.

1.2.1 Monday 15th April 2019


  • Print version number with loopp --version


  • Minor meson build improvements
  • clang-format configuration to improve code style

1.2: Tuesday 24th July 2018


  • clear clip with MIDI
  • build with meson
  • space triggers special clip
  • manual BPM input (right click on Tap-Button)


  • avoid noise on all controls
  • reduce default metronome volume
  • make label code consistent
  • fix compiler warnings
  • remove all hard coded scene numbers
  • add some debug outputs
  • metronome fancy fades
  • better icon file


  • fix several leaks and errors
  • fix broken waveforms
  • fix fltk/ntk conflict
  • fix generic MIDI launch bug
  • fix wrong output mapping
  • fix input signal flow
  • fix input volume for clip recording
  • fix timing issues after changing playspeed
  • fix scenes losing names once a scene is played

1.1.1: Sunday 9th April 2017


  • astyle: global restyle of codebase
  • cleanup startup prints and blank lines
  • cmake: update makefiles to not clobber flags vars


  • create project dir if not already there
  • pan for each track
  • full stereo signal chain
  • cmake: fix build flags to enable optimized builds on x86_64


  • fix possible mem leak if loading a MIDI binding fails
  • fixed possible mem leak in goptions dialog

1.1: Saturday 24th December 2016


  • Added saveDirectory option to set the save dir for Loopp sessions
  • Added possibility to enable metronom on startup and set volume
  • Added possibility to save clips
  • Added per track outputs
  • Added per track sends/returns
  • Added Lag function on slider to avoid jitter
  • Added hotkey symbols for en-GB Layout
  • Added french version of app data and desktop file
  • Added .ctrl file for Launchpad S and APC Mini and APC Key25
  • Added ability to adjust knobs with mouse wheel
  • Added metronome volume
  • New header images


  • Fixed internal buffer misconduct
  • Fixed glitches on beats/bars
  • Fixed Jack transport state control
  • Fixed loosing sync after some time
  • Fixed tempo tap issues while transport is not running
  • Fixed horizontal Slider issue
  • Fixed glitches in output
  • Fixed metronome MIDI mapping
  • Fixed track volume not becoming totally silent


  • Improved Jack Transport
  • Improved pitch shifting
  • Improved TimeManager
  • Improved building on non x86_64 plattforms
  • Improved BPM Dial

1.0.1: Saturday 30th August 2014

  • Updated header graphics
  • CLang static analysis
  • Icon updated & shows

  • Metronome moved from master out to headphones port

  • Special clip keybindings,
  • Captital keybindings for clear clip

  • AudioEditor shows green / red based on BPM analysis of the sample

  • Clearing clips bug fixed
  • Loading bug re-trigger bug fixed

1.0: Tuesday, 10th December 2013

Announced: Friday, 5th December 2013